Why Arizona Drug Rehab?

About The River Source – Phoenix

The River Source was founded in 2003, and we provide quality, affordable holistic (mind, body and spirit) treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. Our philosophy is one of holistic healing and our program focuses on strengthening mind, body, spirit and emotional well being. We believe the disease of chemical dependency centers in the mind and “thinking” must be and can be changed for successful recovery to take place! Although the body may be damaged by substance abuse, we know it can be healed through a combination of medical & naturopathic detox, nutritional therapy and an individualized exercise program. Meditation and yoga help reconnect the mind and body, as well as increasing the feeling of emotional well being. Working a 12 step program leads to a spiritual awakening and provides fellowship. Through our holistic drug and alcohol dependency program, our clients gain physical, mental and emotional tools to live a purposeful and fulfilling life in recovery. We at the River Source provide our clients with a world renowned holistic approach to mind body and spirit wellness:

Traditional Medical Detox • Supportive Naturopathic treatments (acupuncture, homeopathy & much more)

1 on 1 and Group Counseling

Holistic 12 Step program

Massage Therapy • Sauna Treatments

Nutritional Therapy and Fitness Programs


We are committed to serve our patients, their family members and loved ones through understanding, dedication, and teamwork in a professional, responsive and consistent manner.


To improve the holistic health of our patients so they may live a life in recovery, free of chemical dependency. At The River Source, “Values” Make the Difference!


V = Very Service Oriented
A = Assume Responsibility
L = Look for Improvement
U = Use Open Communication
E = Everyone Counts
S = Support Team River Source

Why our treatment program works

Our treatment methods are tested and proven. We are proud to have helped countless people live a life free of drugs and alcohol. We have a unique and comprehensive program that is different and better than other programs. And yes, we are affordable! We have the best doctors, nurses counselors and staff that understand the details of addiction. The staff are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people get clean and staying that way.

The River Source offers a full continuum of care, including detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our Outpatient Treatment Center is conveniently located in the heart of the East Valley in Gilbert, Arizona. Here we focus on getting our clients reintegrated into their daily routine and help them build positive habits as a foundation for lifelong sobriety. The River Source also offers inpatient care at our Residential Treatment Center located in Arizona City, where our goal is to provide individualized treatment and a supportive environment so our clients can heal physically, emotionally and spiritually during their recovery journey. Our compassionate admission team is dedicated to helping you choose the program that fits your needs the best.

Are you challenged by your recovery? Are you tired of chronic relapse? The River Source Treatment Center can help! We can help you or your loved one through any type of alcohol or drug use regardless of how much or how long you or your loved one has been using and or drinking. We also help individuals through any type of drug use, regardless of how much or how long. Having trouble with opiates we have physicians, nurses, counselors and staff that can help you through it. You are not alone. Fed up with methadone or suboxone? We have have helped many people taper off both and live a life free of drugs. The River Source’s philosophy is that recovery from addiction is a life long process and the focus is on treating the primary illness rather than just the symptoms of the disease. The individual develops a new way of life through a unique and comprehensive treatment program that focuses on all aspects of personal recovery – mind, body, and spirit. We address these issues by providing a variety of education in self-care, self management, daily planning, meditation, yoga, social skills, interpersonal relationships, recreation, fitness, nutrition, and life skills. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each person is provided the opportunity to engage in our treatment program and prosper as human beings.

Services offered include: assessment of individual history and current situation, activities of daily living, assistance with medication administration, individual / group coaching and counseling, fitness routine, nutritional education. Sessions with staff may include topics like: medication management, self esteem, and relationship issues, family issues, cultivating confidence, community participation, work related issues, money management, emotional issues, stress management, anxiety, and others pertinent to the individuals needs.

Individual, group, family counseling, and group education shall be offered based on the person’s needs as identified in the assessment/treatment plan. Each person may receive up to 48 individual and or group sessions during a 30 day stay depending on the individual’s assessment. Counseling and group education shall typically take place in the facility. Individual sessions are usually 45 minutes long and twice per week during the first 30 day stay and once per week during the second or third day stay. Group sessions are sessions are usually held in the moorings and afternoons on Monday – Friday. Special and unique sessions such as: life skills and family sessions are offered on Saturdays based on the individuals needs. The Clinical Director will be on call contact. The River source shall have a licensed counselor/ educator/ behavioral health tech provide 1 on 1 and group sessions at the frequency determined in the individual’s treatment plan. The River Source shall make every effort that each person has a safe and secure environment and that individuals rights are protected during the treatment.

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