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Our Phoenix Alcohol Abuse Rehab Program

Beware the serious danger of alcohol abuse which can be worse than other addictions. People can drink almost anywhere, from office parties to sporting events. There is little stigma attached to alcohol. Consequently, many heavy drinkers never ask for help. They assume that if alcohol were dangerous, the authorities would make it illegal. This thinking can be a big mistake.

Do not fall victim to alcohol abuse. Seek professional treatment at The River Source as soon as drinking begins to cause any degree of problems.

Waiting to Hit Rock Bottom

The most serious mistake anyone can make when addicted to alcohol is waiting until  they hit rock bottom before seeking help. These people have to then struggle to get their lives back on track. If they had only come in for counseling sooner, recovery would have been proceeded more easily.

Waiting to hit rock bottom means the drinker has destroyed relationships, gotten into financial trouble or suffered physical problems. It is not unusual for someone to be plagued by all of these, and even more, at the same time.

Alcoholics who wait to get help may never be able to repair certain relationships. The best thing to do is to get professional treatment in the early stages of dependency.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Victims of alcohol abuse often demonstrate these signs:

        • Drinking while driving
        • Stealing money to fund the habit
        • Lacking interest in family activities
        • Neglecting responsibilities

Why not just stop on your own?

Abstinence is a good idea that can go very wrong. A person addicted to alcohol will have built up a psychological and physical need for the substance.

“Going cold turkey,” as some refer to complete abstinence, can result in negative withdrawal symptoms. The individual may have to be hospitalized. Withdrawal symptoms can include seizures and delirium. About 10 percent even die.

The better course of action is to let a professional rehab program help.

Integrative Alcohol Rehab Treatment

The River Source is a compassionate alcohol rehab program. Patients go through detoxification with a caring staff by their side 24/7. The goal is to wean the victim off alcohol, so they can get over the habit without causing trauma to their body or mind. This is done prior to entering our residential inpatient or outpatient rehab center.

The structured environment at The River Source ensures patient safety and helps facilitate a full, permanent recovery. Moreover, the staff uses both conventional medicine and naturopathic therapies. Those who come to The River Source for help receive the most efficient medical care possible.

After detoxification, patients learn how to coexist with others without using alcohol.

Treatment Philosophy

The counselors at The River Source treat alcohol as the drug it is. They work with the alcoholic to discern just what problems led to addiction. By uncovering the underlying reasons why they began drinking heavily, the staff can free the patient from alcohol dependency.

This is a very stressful and fast-paced society. Many people get fed up with life and begin drinking as a coping mechanism. The River Source counselors teach alternative ways to reduce stress and depression.

Last, but certainly not least, patients learn twelve important sobriety steps to follow after they leave The River Source. These steps help them remain sober when they get back home.

Success is Possible at The River Source

As stated earlier, alcohol is everywhere these days. Those who have fallen victim to abuse must be cautious. They must learn how to be around their “drug of choice,” without indulging. It is this reality that makes recovery so much harder for most alcoholics.

Getting professional help from the caring staff at The River Source can be the best thing that someone addicted to alcohol can do. Being free of this dangerous substance makes people feel better mentally, physically and spiritually.