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Treatment Center For Anxiety

Anxiety issues and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand.  People with anxiety disorders are at two or more times more likely to abuse substances at some time in their lives than those who don’t suffer from anxiety. Often, a substance abuse issue grows from an anxiety patient trying to self-medicate by treating their symptoms with drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it is the opposite though and the use of alcohol or drugs trigger the symptoms of anxiety. It can also be the process of withdrawing from them that causes the anxious feelings. This can become an obvious cycle for some people; alcohol and opiates are used to lessen feelings of anxiety, but when they try to stop, the symptoms of withdrawal actually make the anxiety worse, which leads to more drug and alcohol use. Some substances also cause anxiety, making the symptoms they are being used to manage even more intense.

To manage physical and mental aspects of anxiety and addiction, health care professionals must work carefully. The most effective treatment for a patient suffering from both substance abuse issues and anxiety is provided by a team of professionals with both medical and psychological training and experience.

Our priority is your recovery- or that of your loved ones- from both issues. Both problems must be treated or chances are good the other will return. We can help deal with any kind of substance abuse or anxiety issues by listening, answering questions and providing the medical care and the environment to succeed.