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Treatment For Depression

Studies have shown that there is a high percentage comorbid rate of depression and substance abuse in adults because one condition usually causes the other. Our rehab center may be able to help those who suffer from depression, substance abuse, or both.

Substance abuse and depression

Substances that are abused affect the brain, so substance abuse has a direct link to causing depression. Any amount of alcohol drank will affect the brain in a negative way. Once drunk, you are more likely to make bad decisions, which can trigger more depression. Although cocaine is a stimulant, depression sinks in once the initial high has been achieved.

Depression is also a leading cause of substance abuse with nearly a third of people with alcohol addiction suffering from depression at some point in their lives. It is also socially acceptable to self medicate after a breakup, job loss, or other traumatic event. Even a bad day at work can lead to one too many at happy hour! While many people may just be functional alcoholics, psychotherapy alone or a combination of therapy and medication is a better alternative. Substance abuse will only cause depression, which may get aggravated if negative events are repeated. Once you realize you are going around in circles, anxiety may arise.

Although it is not easy for many to admit they cannot recover alone, The River Source is here to help. Making the first step to call us is putting your life back into your hands. It is our priority to help you get to the bottom of your depression and addiction, as well as learning how to have strength to deal with both even after leaving our center. Once we identify it, the patients will be less likely to relapse due to being taught proven coping strategies in our program. There are different type of programs available, but each combines a traditional medical detox with a holistic inpatient twelve step program that also includes yoga.

Most insurance plans are accepted. The River Source also has some of the most affordable private pay plans in the area. Travel reimbursement is provided for anyone from out of state, so patients often come from across the country to receive our services.

Recovery is guaranteed after the end of a successful ninety day treatment plan. The skills gained will allow the patient to deal with their addiction and depression even after leaving the program. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and depression, give The River Source a call today. We are here to help, and our services are accessible to everyone nationwide who wants to not only treat their addiction and depression but to find out why it is happening in the first place.