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Outpatient (IOP) Rehab in Phoenix

We offer two types of outpatient rehab programs to help treat drug and alcohol addiction.

    1. Not every addiction problem needs inpatient treatment.  Depending on the severity, we can provide help on an outpatient basis.
    1. Sometimes after completing inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you may need some help to maintain your sobriety.  We provide outpatient services for continuing treatment to make sure you stay on course.

If you’re wondering whether outpatient treatment is the right way go, you can take this short survey to help you decide.

We have flexible treatment options.

We can accommodate your schedule.  Our programs are offered at various times so we can work around your schedule and let you live your life.  If you attend night classes or work evenings, we offer our Day Treatment program.

We take a holistic approach to care.

To provide you the best care possible, we’ll do an assessment to determine the best course of action and build a customized plan for your treatment.  We treat your mind, body, and spirit.

Therapy sessions are designed to help you heal and prevent relapse.

Our outpatient therapy sessions will give you the tools to conquer your addiction and maintain your sobriety:

    • Custom, Individualized Counseling to help overcome trauma and grief
    • Counseling for you and your family, including family days
    • A 12-Step Holistic Program with ongoing support
    • Life Skills Workshops to help you plan your career, maintain your finances, and deal with stress, anger, anxiety, and depression
    • Personal Growth Counseling to help build self-esteem, create better relationships, and help with work-related issues.
    • Relapse Prevention Skills for a lifetime of sobriety

Why choose The River Source for your outpatient addiction treatment and rehabilitation?

Dealing with addiction – or a loved one with addiction – can be frustrating and overwhelming.  We understand.  We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make a good choice

Our caring staff is dedicated to a coordinated, customized approach.  We respect your individual dignity and treat the individual as well as the addiction.

Here’s the best reason of all: Our program works.  The River Source has a proven track record with one of the highest success rates in the country.

Our Programs are effective and affordable.

We work with most major insurance companies and are in-network with many insurance companies.