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Residential Inpatient Rehab in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona has several inpatient treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction, but our success rates are higher than average, as a result of our individualized and comprehensive residential treatment protocol. In fact, we have a reputation as one of the most successful and affordable rehab centers in the country because we take a holistic approach to each patient’s care. Our experienced staff addresses the needs of each patient’s mind, body, and spirit through innovative programs that have earned us a solid reputation for long-term success.

 We work with patients of all ages and backgrounds, through personalized individual treatment programs that are custom-designed to offer specific accommodations that counteract obstacles to treatment. For example, our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can even arrange for same-day transportation. Our services include a medical detoxification program and continuing care in addition to rehabilitation. Our aim is to guide patients through the entire journey of recovery, not just one small step.

How Long do Patients Stay in the Inpatient Program?

We offer 30, 60 and 90 day inpatient treatment programs that give patients the benefits of a rigorously disciplined and structured environment that isn’t often possible during an outpatient program. We work to efficiently detoxify the body while building up the mind, body and spirit in order to maintain sobriety. The average length of stay is 60 days, but stays can be extended when it’s evident that the patient needs more time or tools to prepare for life outside of rehab.

The benefits of a longer stay are that patients have more time for self-healing in a safe environment, plus the ability to learn and practice coping skills with the ongoing support of peers and counselors. However, since many patients don’t have the means or the ability to stay past 30 days, our program is customized for the maximum amount of recovery in the time that a patient does have, so comprehensive sessions that address the challenges that are unique to each patient’s home life may include daily sessions with key individuals, like family members, to create a more supportive home environment following inpatient treatment.

Do You Offer a Recovery Guarantee?

Yes! We do offer a guarantee. Many treatment centers do not offer a guarantee of recovery, because ultimately recovery lies in the hands of the individual being treated. While we can’t control the behavior of our patients after treatment, we’re confident in our holistic approach. We have learned that by treating the whole individual and providing our patients with the tools they need to maintain sobriety after they’re released, the odds of relapse are greatly reduced and that’s our goal, that’s why people come to us.

How Does Treatment Work?

After 90 consecutive days of inpatient treatment, or a customized Full Continuum of Care program that includes detoxification, a residential stay, and an intensive outpatient follow-up program, we can successfully change addictive behaviors while addressing and working through the underlying problems that are at the root of the addiction. If, at any time during the course of the year following treatment, a patient relapses, it’s not seen as failure, but as an opportunity to provide another inpatient stay at no cost, to dig deeper into the issues that cause substance abuse.

Re-admission is for a free 30 day stay and patients are responsible for transportation. We want our patients to feel encouraged to take the initiative in their own recovery and we want to support them on their journey by showing faith and trust in our own system and confidence in their ability to navigate life unencumbered by the shackles of addiction. 

What Happens During Inpatient Rehab Programs?

Patients heading in for an inpatient program can expect to engage in an intensely rewarding, positive journey toward sobriety. We liken it to climbing a ladder, where patients take one small step at a time to reach new heights of living in a peaceful and supportive environment where they’re encouraged to be bold and mindful of their own progress and success.

It begins with a medical detoxification, where patient’s bodies are supported and cleansed of drugs and other chemicals, and is accompanied by an assessment of the client’s other disorders, if necessary. After a full diagnosis, a treatment plan is created in collaboration with medical staff as well as counselors. The patient’s daily schedule is designed to meet their specific needs, and to create a healthy routine of habits and maximize the effectiveness of their stay.

Behavioral therapy is often an important part of treatment and allows patients time for self-reflection in order to process all of the changes this new lifestyle brings. Many patients enjoy listening to music, getting exercise or writing in a journal. During designated times, phones and laptops are also allowed. Patients are also provided with visiting hours, for maintaining relationships with supportive friends and family.

Are Additional Therapies offered?

In addition to a safe and affordable healing environment, we believe that the basis for healing and recovery lies within the mind, body and spirit of each patient and strive to nurture every aspect of the individual in our care. Upon intake, if the staff and patient determine that additional therapies will be a benefit, they will be introduced. Sometimes additional treatment modalities provide safe and effective ways to improve physical and mental health without the need for medication. When our medical and counseling staff makes a recommendation for additional therapies, they are customized according to the needs of the patient and recommended in conjunction with the inpatient and ongoing treatment plan.

The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to live a liberated and empowered life of freedom from dependencies. Our ultimate goal is that each patient enjoy a life of stability, fulfillment and happiness. By addressing the issues that contributed to the creation of the addiction, and working toward a sustainable, supportive lifestyle and environment, we provide patients with a stronger base of recovery and the tools they need to navigate their world without relapsing.

If you’re looking for substance abuse treatment for yourself or for a loved one, an effective and affordable level of care with a guarantee of sobriety based on holistic care, then call us today. We work with adults, both male and female, to craft individualized treatment plans that get at the root of the issue to meet the needs of every client for high-quality, personalized inpatient and ongoing treatment.